C. T. Hull Funeral Service


"Our Promise To You"

We are a truly independent firm devoted to family, not profits. Large concerns answer to shareholders; we answer to you. We know our business will do well when we serve you well.

'Private Chapels'

Our tasteful, calm chapels of repose are available to visit during 8am - 5pm. The chapels of repose are situated in the Blackpool area or Poulton-le-Fylde.

'Newspaper notices'

In a wide variety of editions, Blackpool Gazette, LEP, Fleetwood Weekly etc


If donations to charity are requested in lieu of flowers we will accept, receipt and list donations on your behalf and forward them in due course to a charity of your choice.


We will arrange any catering venues and liase with them on your behalf. We can also recommend various establishments, depending on your needs.

'Funeral Service Sheets'

A beautifully constructed memorial of your loved ones service. Photo optional, we will show you all the designs and take time with you to chose the style. Our service sheets are complementary.


"Funeral Services" 

We will also advise on the type of service you require for your loved one.

We have extensive knowledge on all religious types of service (Catholic, CofE, UR etc). If you require a 'non-religious' or humanist celebration of life, we will guide you and recommend a fitting tribute for your loved ones needs.

'Woodland Burials' or Natural Funerals are becoming very popular and we would provide all information on this to ensure you choose the right service for all needs.

Keepsakes are always a loving and fitting reminder of you loved one and the day you arranged for them, and we provide complementary hymn/service sheets with a photo. Also a large photo of your loved one can be provided for the church or crematorium along with a personal CD of the music, which we happily supply for you to keep forever.

For advise on "Theme Funerals" please just ask and we will plan the appropriate service you require.


If I should ever leave you whom I love

To go along the Silent Way, grieve not,

Nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk

of me as if I were beside you there.

And when you hear a song or see a thing I loved,

please do not let the thought of me be sad ....

For I am loving you just as I always have.

 You were so good, to me!

There are so many things I wanted still to do –

 so many things to say to you ...

Remember that I did not fear ...

It was just leaving you that was so hard to face ...

We cannot see beyond this life, But this I know:

I loved you so - and it was heaven here with you!